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Testing Tuesdays: Summer of Love

One of the things about the one game games in Summer of Love is that you really can’t afford to make a mistake since it’s one game matches. It can be very hard, however, to discern what the proper strategy for a match-up is unless you’ve tested it.

Given that our esteemed colleagues are potentially going to play tons of matches, it doesn’t seem fair to burden them even more.

Given that, I really want Spud to do well with my decks, I’m going to pre-empt a little testing for him. As I alluded to a last week, if my Heralds/Speed Force won it has to deal Darkseid/Brotherhood which looks to be extremely tough. Today is about just that.

You can find the deck lists here the decks are ‘Wild and Sticky’ and ‘Dark(seid) City’.


The game plan seems to be to use Silver Surfer – Skyrider of the Spaceways, to fish out two copies of Omnipotence and flip them naming Ancient Throne and Ancient Evils. Even if you hit Silver Surfer – Skyrider of the Spaceways on three you still have enough time to dig out Alias Investigations and double Omnipotence .

Since his six – eight plays are all Darkseid, you can keep his board relatively smaller he’s stuck. This play is so crucial that even if he has neither of the cards revealed you still have to do it.

Once this happens, you give your opponent the choice of either:

a) Giving up their four and five to curve out.


b) Underdropping.

The former makes his deck vulnerable to Air-Walker, while the latter makes him more vulnerable to Terrax.

Don’t be afraid to underdrop. Barry Allen and Air-Walker are a very powerful turn eight combination, once you get the lock rolling.

Even randomly underdropping Air-Walker is good since if it forcess him to exhaust someone of higher cost.

The desired end game – as I foresee it – is to Galactus – Devourer of Worldsto steal his life – another reason we don’t want to face the opposition – move the Cloak of Nabu on him – Darkseid – Nemesis’ power is combat stamped – then pass on attacks and reinforce.

I wouldn’t attack Darkseid into Galactus simply because if he bricks it and swings back there’s a chance it might lethal. Depends on the situation. If you can’t reinforce though, you’d have to do the math.

You have all the tools necessary to win, and barring bad drops, if you apply the correct strategy winning should be fairly reasonable. As long as you go Silver Surfer – Skyrider of the SpacewaysAir-Walker – Gabriel Lan I think you got it.

Also, if you have to attack someone, balls to the walls it. Go all out. I’ve been brick walled off a Titans Team attack so maybe I’m a little overcautious.

I would hazard you want evens, so you can Terrax his four and Wally West his Wally West ♦ The Flash – The Fastest Man Alive five on six in response to his first recruit.

So how does our theory stack-up?


Two Games

Turn one, both players miss.

On the second turn, I play Silver Surfer – Skyrider of the Spaceways, then flip Dr. Fate’s Tower – this guy never autocards! – pitching Light Armor to get Cloak of Nabu. Silver Surfer – Skyrider of the Spaceways stacks Alias Investigations.

Turn three, the bad guys play Pyro – Hot Topic I fate up Silver Surfer and I dig Kindred but no draw : (

I play XS – Jenni Ognats and Fate up, Pyro burns for three XS – Jenni Ognats comes in for six.

I search out Omnipotence.

On the fourth turn, Silver Surfer – Skyrider of the Spaceways stacks Omnipotence , and Aliases.

I have Cannibal Tech and I’m not sure if I want to setup his Silver Surfer’s Board, it’s fine and I just play Barry Allen ♦ The Flash – Crimson Tornado.

I’m staring down a board of Darkseid – Apokoliptian Oppressor with Nth Metal.

I form with XS – Jenni Ognats protecting Silver Surfer – Skyrider of the Spaceways, and Barry Allen ♦ The Flash – Crimson Tornado to his side.

Darkseid – Apokoliptian Oppressor swings into Barry Allen, and I get burned from the MEX man.

XS – Jenni Ognats attacks Pyro – Hot Topic, then passes.


Turn five, Truth and Justice – Team-Up teaming up Brotherhood then ANcient Thrones out Darkseid – 8th Century.

I raw dog Surfer’s Board, and Alias Investigations out Wally West, I then flip up Omnipotence, in response he plays Uncertain Legacy to get Darkseid – Nemesis and pitches Lost City to flip it down, Underground Resistance is activated – he does this every turn but I don’t explicitly say it because I’m lazy.

Pyro is subbed out for Dark Firestorm – Mockery.

Wally West ♦ The Flash – The Fastest Man Alive stuns to hit Darkseid.

I guess I forget to use Silver Surfer – Skyrider of the Spaceways here or something.


Dark Firestorm – Mockery swings into XS – Jenni Ognats with a power-up off Uncertain Legacy.

Darkeid swings into Barry Allen for one.


Turn 6

PRe-draw I use Kindred Spirits stacks Terrax – Harbinger of Ruin and Silver Surfer, I recruit Terrax – Harbinger of Ruin and pass, I then use Silver Surfer – Skyrider of the Spaceways to find I Hunger! I form with both guys in the back, as it gives guarantees a reinforce.

My buddy plays Darkseid – Evil Reborn.

I Terrax him getting Dark Firestorm.

Darkseid goes into Terrax – Harbinger of Ruin with four pumps.


End of turn I stack big G and Rally for him.

My cousin meagerly plays Pyro on seven.

I Alias Investigations for I Hunger and recruit Silver Surfer – Last Zenn-Lavian

Outside of combat, I play I Hunger and then Terrax – Harbinger of Ruin, and use Wally West ♦ The Flash – The Fastest Man Alive to shoot Pyro, and form up with my my Heralds in front.

He has five power-ups taking him to 27 ATK into Silver Surfer – Last Zenn-Lavian is 16 which knosk me down to 2, so instead he rewinds and goes after Terrax – Harbinger of Ruin instead putting me at 4.

On turn eight, I play Big G and SLURP!

He swamps back Darkseid – Nemesis, but when I flip Fate’s Tower he knows it’s game.


The big thing here was clearly the I Hunger which won it, as it gained me enough life to survive

He also pointed out that I probably should’ve Kindreded for Terrax and Air-Walker when I had the chance, as Air-Walker’s power increases exponentially once he KO’d his four and five.


For the second game we switch initiatives.

We both dud on 1.

On the next turn, because I have Silver Surfer – Skyrider of the Spaceways in my hand, pre-draw I stack Air-Walker, and Human Torch – The Invisible Man.

Darkseid misses.

I play Silver Surfer – Skyrider of the Spaceways nabbing Omnipotence Alias Investigations in hand.

After this turn concludes, we get into a discussion about whether I should have Kindred Spirited for both my Air-Walkers. We agree to keep that in mind for the later turns.

Turn 3, I play Air-Walker – Gabriel Lan and Silver Surfer out Omnipotence.

On four Darkseid – Apokoliptian Oppressor hits, Ancient Throne is flipped, along with Lost City.

I surfer and Alias Investigations out Barry Allen ♦ The Flash – Crimson Tornado.

Darkseid – Apokoliptian Oppressortakes down surfer

I light armor and cannibal tech from hand to get Board and stick it on Silver Surfer – Skyrider of the Spaceways and charge him up

I double Omnipotence, he uses his throne and cycles a Lost City to flip down to Uncertain Legacy to Ancient Throne then activates Ancient Throne.

I play Wally West ♦ The Flash – The Fastest Man Alive and passes.

My buddy teams-up and plays Darkseid – Destroyer of Life, Air-Walker exhausts, darkseid gets in attack on Air-Walker gets an attack on Barry Allen ♦ The Flash – Crimson Tornado.

Turn six is Nocturne and Mystique.

I Silver Surfer – Skyrider of the Spaceways out Terrax – Harbinger of Ruin.

I play I Hunger , then replace my Alias Investigations to stun with Terrax – Harbinger of Ruin, but not before I chain Wally West ♦ The Flash – The Fastest Man Alive to kill Nocturne, and activate Air-Walker to exhaust Mystique.


Darkseid – Destroyer of Life goes after terrax with two power-ups and discards a card to rebuy and he does some math.

I take fourteen – paying for the double stun.


Darkseid – Apokoliptian Oppressor goes into Barry Allen ♦ The Flash with five more pumps and it’s game.

After this game we talk about a few small things. Apparently, if that Kindred Spirits had been used to fetch Terrax – Harbinger of Ruin instead of the unrecruited Human Torch, I coulda went to get Full Throttle to stun his board, which woul’ve net me a bit more life.

So the Surfer search order is something like: Alias Investigations , 2x Omnipotence, I Hunger , Full Throttle … something like that. You’ve got your work cut out for you man. Good luck.





  1. Thanks for taking the time to do this up, especially since there’s no garauntee Spud will be playing Warp Factor 9 (which you incorrectly refer to as Wild & Sticky early in your post).

    It’s good to know that some deckbuilders understand the difficulties of playing potentially complicated decks without full insight into the deckbuilder’s mind.

  2. […] wrote a breakdown of how his deck wanted to play out this matchup, and Spud, for the most part, simply acted out the […]

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