Posted by: thederangedbear | August 25, 2008

Marquee Monday: SRAZAM!


See, I told you last week I would get distracted!

Two things:

First, the notion of using Black Manta to rebuy Messiah Complex to keep gaining off of The Beyonder really appeals to me. Mad props to Michael Barnes.

Second, most eight drops nowadays don’t actually win you the game flat out anymore. There are a few exceptions, one of which is Captain Marvel – Champion of Magic.

Black Manta and Captain Marvel both have loyalty which Superhuman Registration Act fulfills.

Black Manta can rebuy Messiah Complex which gives you life, which Captain Marvel likes.


Doo, Doo, DOO!

So I was thinking about fitting these two aspects into my SRA control. A little browsing soon turned up an unexpected gem in Drink This!. Stack The Beyonder on the top of your deck – say through Asgard – play Drink This! to bin The Beyonder, which you can then
Messiah Complex back.

That’s twenty life right there, which is likely enough to let you activate Captain Marvel that turn.

What about if Mimic is added to the mix?

If we apply the h4x:

– Stack The Beyonder with Asgard.

– Pay three with Black Manta to rebuy Drink This! (-3)

– Exhaust random dork to Drink This!. (+7)

– Pay two with Mimicto Copy Black Manta ro rebuy Messiah Complex (+2)

– Exhaust Black Manta and Mimic to Messiah Complex (+12)

That’s a guaranteed + 12 END a turn, if you’re recycling your old tools. If you use your new ones that’s enough. That main thing for me is the potential to just gain 20 END on turn eight to pay for Captain Marvel.

Mimic deserves more mention. The ability to rebuy Gift Wrapped twice is insane Carrying the Torch

Copying Stark’s Protégé is sick, since itallows you to stall your opponent’s board while still having two bodies to exhaust to Messiah Complex. You can also ‘mimic’ Captain Marvel to beat Omnipotence.

Building off of the Spider-Friends engine:

Characters: 26
1x Mr. Mxyzptlk – Troublesome Trickster
1x Aunt May – Golden Oldie
4x Black Cat – Nine Lives
3x Night Thrasher – Dwayne Michael Taylor
4x Dr. Doom – Richards’s Rival
4x Spider-Man – The Sensational Spider-Man
1x Black Manta – Underwater Marauder
1x Mimic – Exile
1x Spider-Man – Stark’s Protégé
1x Captain Marvel – Champion of Magic
1x The Beyonder – Inhuman
1x Death – The Second Force of the Universe

Plot Twists: 26
4x Carrying the Torch
4x Gift Wrapped
4x Drink This!
4x Mobilize
4x Superhuman Registration Act – Team-Up
4x Messiah Complex
2x Call in a Favor

Locations: 8
4x Asgard
4x Empire State University

I really like the Carrying the Torch/Black Manta/Straight to the Grave triumvirate, and it probably deserves a spot here too.

While I really like the notion of just Shazaming the opponent to oblivion – “PA THIS!” – I really don’t like the fact that the lifegain commitment takes up so many slots. Specifically, I really want to play Omnipotence. and some number of ‘blasts, but you really can’t do this here.

In addition, Asgard is such a bad card. I really hate insular cards like these that are only good for a combo and have little to no application in general. It helps that you have a lot of draw which makes it into a rebuy location, but even then, there’s something about Asgard that doesn’t excite me.

Maybe there’s a much better substitute, but I won’t be too dissapointed if I don’t find one.

Anyhow, for some reaso WordPress won’t let me Save or Publish from my laptop. I’ve looked it up and I can’t seem to find the reason why. Anyone have experience with this issue?



PS: This deck probably can’t beat MKKO either : (



  1. WordPress is the devil. For the longest time it wouldn’t even let me view my blog’s own main page.

  2. Doesn’t SRA effectively turn asguard into a non-discard slaughter swamp?

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