Posted by: thederangedbear | August 22, 2008

Freestyle Fridays: Collector’s Corner’s City’s Championship’s Confirmation

Greetings! Everything’s good. Hope all is well with you. Finally got thru to Upper Deck in regards to the tournament for the Marvel Universe City Champs. The kit is due to arrive 8/27. Guess it’s late because the dates to schedule the sanctioned tournaments is 8/20-9/17. I need to get back to UD with the organizer UDE# (you) and the VS System Judge UDE# (you again). Please get me that info ASAP. They will get back to us in a few days and let us know what to do to load into the MANTIS for the tournament. Which Sunday do you want to run the tournament? Will be nice to see all you guys again!

Looking forward to hearing from you!


So that’s one more City Championships I’m going to be able to play at. I think it’s too late for Eudemonia – cross my paws…

As for my blog, I took a pretty big hit in readership from this week to the last. Looking through the posts, last week’s writing quality was considerably higher. I’ll try to put up better stuff starting Monday. They say restrictions breed creativity so:

Marquee Monday: Brainstorming for the Marquee event!

Testing Tuesdays: Testing whatever deck’s I like and some strategizing about it!

W’s Day: This one is kinda weak. Any suggestions on what I can do here? Perferably with some alliteration…

Thursday’s Week in Review: I’m going to take this date to write about whatever I see on the forums or blogosphere that intrigues me.

Freestyle Friday: Whatever I want to write.

Ludin and I recorded APZP ep 4 a few days ago. If you enjoy TRHC I think you’re going to love this episode : )

So yeah! Enjoy your weekend!



PS: Embedding online videos seems to be a commonality of my Fridays, so…

One Inch Punch


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