Posted by: thederangedbear | August 21, 2008

VS Week in Review #1

Just random thoughts about what I’ve read online:

You can find links to all these sites on my sidebar.

Is Avengers Control CtD’s “My Fires”? (M:tg reference, not a big deal)

The deck is awesome and quite good in my opinion. I love Iron Man (no homo). Even without Sarge Steel, Tony Stark is so good, especially with the number of flyers diminishing. Extremis Upgrade is really sick! Nimrod – Mutant Hunter defined an era, and now we have a card that lets you do it on turn four, and sometimes repeatedly.

One of the nice things about Extremis Upgrade – in the face of Divinity – is that Extremis doesn’t force you to KO it, which means you will always have Iron Man going into turn five. If they don’t send Divinityl into Iron Man just don’t blow your Extremis, and then go to turn five where Spider-Man – Secret Avenger shuts her down!

I like Miguel’s build with Carrying the Torch considerably more however. I think this list has the potential to be extremely domineering as all three legends are very powerful.

So Summer of Love is going on right now! Check in on the LostHemisphere for updates!

As for my decks… none of them have been played yet. To be honest, I’m pretty optimistic about their performance, particularly my Heralds and Speed Force submission. My other deck is a hot chick and her DUFFY – Designated Ugly Fat Friend; it’s basically mono Spider-Friends. There’s a good chance that’s good enough to make it to the top, though.

This is going to sound so hater, but I gotta be honest: I was hoping the Dark City deck would be eliminated. Now, I have to weather through Soshi’s deck AND deal with this.

: (

Jeez, that deck looks tough to beat!

I think my Heralds deck has the ability to defeat it though. Air-Walker – Gabriel Lan’s going to be key. I don’t think you can afford to set up turbo Flash for the bang-bang kill on six, as they can force stunbacks off Lost City.

The goal, in my estimation, is to use Air-Walker, Barry Allen ♦ The Flash – Crimson Tornado and Terrax – Harbinger of Ruin to minimize the relavence of combat before you Galactus all their life.


If you do need to get into combat, overcommit! Don’t try to be clever!

I really wish I included Red Shift. My singleton Inspiring Demise is so ugly, it really should’ve been a copy of I Must Obey.

Oh well.

There’s been rising talk of people running their own tournaments.

My two cents:

Running tournaments is like dieting in my opinion. When you see other people do it well, it seems simple and you’re like: “Shit! I could do this! Peace of cake!”

When you actually try it, it’s much tougher. It’s very easy to quit when you don’t get the results you so vividly envisioned.

I remember when Curtis ran his ‘Fun K’ – a money tournament in Hayward. The idea was that at $25 dollars a head with forty attendees, we could have a $1,000 money tournament. This sounds quite reasonable in theory; I mean, even if we got twenty some people we would’ve had a super PCQ.

We ended up getting only, what 11 people? That put an end to those real quick.

There are a lot factors that need to be harmonized for a successful tournament. Just trying to figure out a date that is good for married family men, students, and juvenile Asian mercenaries – : ) – is often tough enough.

Then you have to work out people needing to borrow cards, getting rides etc… trying to build momentum isn’t as easy as just going “Here’s X, on Y, at Z. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am!”

Don’t get me started on prizing: If you’re not ready to shell out some coin for nothing, you should probably not be too excited about your attendance. This isn’t me being cynical: it’s me being honest. Heck, you might even need to fork out some stuff for a lacklusterly attended tournament.

Like dieting, once you have a system set in place, it’s easy. The hardest part is the initial set-up. I commend those idealistic posters out there for their zeal. However, I think they should try setting up small tournaments and getting a good grasp of their local playgroup before they try to manage something super large like an unofficial regionals.

Personal charisma only gets you so far.

The biggest hurdle in my opinion, is to get non-Realmers to attend tournaments. I don’t know how to do this. If I ever run tournaments again I’m going to post fliers around Berkeley and advertise on Craigslist, myspace, facebook etc.

This is the key to keeping tournaments going and the game strong. It’s crucial to get these new players into it so that every tournament doesn’t feel like last week. I love Realms, but there’s a limit to how large your tournaments can more or less if you only seek the easy way out of posting there.

Just my thoughts.





  1. so are you starting tournaments again?

  2. Thanks for the props!

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