Posted by: thederangedbear | August 20, 2008

W’s Day: Jason Hager’s 10k Columbus Report

This is the second piece of VS writing that built my competitive drive:

Jason Hager’s 10k Columbus Report

I remember sitting in my dorm room and wondering:

“What does this deck do?”

It seems so obvious at the time, but I was so confused by Evil Medical School when it first came out. It was completely different then all the other decks I had ever experienced. It had no attack pumps, no three drops, and tons of random one drops. How on earth are you going to keep board when the guys you play are so small?

Turns out you can, and it’s actually really good.

I’m not sure why Jason’s report resonated with me. Perhaps it was the huge amount of detail he put in each match. Perhaps it was all the wonderful images. All I know is that immediately after reading it, I went to Frank and Sons – a local super vendor – and bought a whole bunch of singles.

This is why it’s important to keep writing! Through allowing others to live vicariously, we can retain and expand interest in our game! Please don’t give up, my fellow bloggers!




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