Posted by: thederangedbear | August 18, 2008

Marquee Mondays: SRA Rush

To Whom it May Concern,

My name is Paul Sung and I am interested in running VS events at Eudemonia…


Hi Paul

We would love to have VS events at Eudemonia. Drop by the store or give me a call at the store and we can talk about how we can build up the VS community here…

Maybe now I can park in Berkeley without working about tickets : (

I’m thinking about running some demos for the game – although squeezing out the time is harder then it seems. Most of all, I’m worried about oversaturation: Any thoughts from NorCalers?


I really like Silver Age and I’m hoping to get a few tournaments. I’m also trying to set up an online tournament on behalf of A Proud Zinco Podcast. If anone’s interested in running it let me know please.

Anyways, since the next Marquee Event is Silver Age, that’s what Mondays are going to be focused on.

I recently took an interest in this deck Joe ‘LordofLimbo’ Clarke posted on VSRealms.

I really like rush decks with an engine behind them. They always feel much more powerful, and generally have a two pronged way to win the game. The deck seems mostly there, but I feel there are some changes we can make:

Right off the Bat

There are some good dorks that LordofLimbo is missing:

Hellboy – Little Boy: This guys is awesome since our plan is to play SRA h4x. baby Hellboy is Black Bolt five ‘n’ up.

Vulture – Aerial Stalker : I talked to Lord of Limbo and he said he cut Vulture because of his loyalty. From my meager experience with this deck, without SRA, this deck is literally just a pile of cards: All you have a myraid of random weenies.

Instead of building your deck playing without SRA, I think it’s better to devote more cards to hit SRA. Honestly, there’s not trying to operate during the mid-game without SRA, as you really can’t.

Shadowcat – Phase Shifter and Wild Child – Age of Apocalypse: Shadowcat is really good, and Wild Child fits perfectly given that Black Bolt is usually huge.

Jaime Reyes ♦ Blue Beetle – High-Tech Hero: SRA gives him an affiliation so you can search him out to find Quantum Bands – especially since it’s unique. Maybe a super stretch.

Klaw – Sonic Construct : The two affiliations are super! He has reasonable synergy with Teen Supremes .

Haywire – Suicidal Lover, Aunt May – Golden Oldie, Lois Lane – Earth 2, Doppelganger – Killer Clone, Quicksilver – House of M: Free guys are really good with Superhuman Registration Act. They also have some of the more obscure affiliations – Underworld, Team Superman – that we can use.

Free weenies also rocks with The Next Brotherhood and Spider Hunt (Brian Eugenious!).

Pimping with Black Bolt

Most off-curve decs need some sort of trick or gimmick to push through the mid-game. Readying Black Bolt is this deck’s way of doing it, as Black Bolt with Quantum Bands is a huge beast that ends the game quickly.

That said Teen Supremes doesn’t feel like the best way to do it. The main thing, is that you’re not so much attacking again as much as you are upgrading an attacker.

I’ve been trying To Me, My X-Men! ltely, and it seems to work a bit better – especially since the low drop X-Men characters are much more aggressive then the higher ones.

Anyways, I’ll definitely be playing around with this bad boy in the future, as it does have quite a bit of potential. I’ll put my new list up next week… if it keeps my interest – I ❤ stall : )





  1. Yes, more tournaments. And what is this oversaturation? If you can get a crowd I’ll be there.

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