Posted by: thederangedbear | August 13, 2008

W’s Day: Writings

Today’s W is for writing again. Albeit, one that is slightly more personal.

There are two pieces of writing that firmly built the competitive fire of VS within me. This is one of them. The other one isn’t hard to guess, but I’ll save it for another week.

It Doesn’t MATTER!!!

Part One – Deconstruction
Part Two – Some More Deconstruction Then The Report

There are a lot of good things I can say about Pat Y, and let’s leave it at that.

While Patrick is really good at recalling game details, that’s not the main reason I liked these two articles. Patrick always has a very refreshing macro analysis. He explains both the deck’s development both internally and with regard to the external metagame. Reading his report for the first time, I remember thinking “Man, this would make an awesome documentary.”

Now, I’m clearly no cinemaphile, but Patrick’s insights brought an unprecedented – even to this day – look at how teams interact in VS.

Above all though, Patrick has this quality in all of his literature that I really enjoy but can’t exactly put my finger on. His writing is very… personal while at the same time retaining a strong technical element. It’s a style that I’ve tried to emulate.

When I first read this I thought, man, I wish I could get a team together like that and test like that. I’ve still never gotten that chance, and I hope VS System goes long enough for me to eventually be able to do that. Hopefully, I’ll have the time and the resources to assemble a consistent set of playtest for the next Worlds.

Finally, it’s a shame that Patrick’s gone to managing instead of playing. I always looked forward to reading his stuff, and I hope he picks up the pen once more.

Finally, don’t forget to check out tomorrow’s Bearsday at vs-blog – link in the sidebar. I’m usually quite cautious about the quality of my article’s, but I know for a fact this one is quite good. Especially worthwhile for beginners and those who love theory.




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