Posted by: thederangedbear | August 12, 2008

Testing Tuesdays: Want A Cool GA Deck for GenCon?

First, the next Marquee Event are the City Championships, which are Silver Age! This gives me the opportunity to finally play my SRA control deck in a tourney! Yay! Unfortunately, as I can’t print out my deck through OCTGN, I’m going to need to trade for them – or barn Miguel/Kev for cards.

(If anyone has any of the rares of my SRA list let me know; I have good trades.)

Second, is deck name SRGay offensive? SRGay Control?

Speaking of sodomy: The SRA deck has been testing pretty well. I actually went through a 10 game set against Injustice Gang Beats the other day, and the end-result was a very favorable 8-2.

If you stick Omnipotence on PA they just sit there the whole game while you molest them, regardless of initiative.

For them to win, they essentially need double PA and for you to have an okay draw.

With the metagame looking to be a lot of aggressive decks, I think the SRA control deck is a very good call. I’m not sure what other types of control decks you’d see, but Omnipotence helps quite a bit.

I really don’t you’d see any decks that are positioned further as a control deck then you.

Man, I wish I could go to GenCon.

Let’s change gears:

Golden Age

I think the Golden Age metagame will probably consist of TNB and CrisisDoom.

This has everything to do with convenience: These two decks are really easy to build, very powerful, and there are established lists for them.

Honestly, I find it somewhat sad that in a format with all the VS cards ever printed, most of us are audibling to play old standbys. Decks like Crisis and TNB do not make for interesting or exciting reads for those of us at home.

Been there done that.

(The overlap between these two decks are the fact that they both rely on on-goings. Consequently, they have a vulnerability to replacement. If you replace TNB and Crisis on Infinite Earths you’re in pretty good shape. I think a Darkseid resource control deck would be a pretty good call.)

For those of you who want to play something a little different:

The Lockdown


Neutron is one of those cards I’ve always kept in the back of mind. This guy has an unprecedented and very unique power.

What makes Neutron really interesting to me now, is the addition of a single MUN card:

Underground Movement

Underground Movement – Team-Up is the once-in-a-lifetime lover that Neutron has been saving his tournament viriginity for. The ability to hide him means that your opponent will be permalocked, and his loyalty is conveniently fulfilled with the global Anti-Registration provided by the on-going.

I’ve always had a weakness for Sage. All of her incarnations have been realy powerful and I like Salvador Larocca’s renditions of her.

Neutron and Sage – Xavier’s Secret Weapon is more or less a cold lock if you can back it up with a few Bad Presses. The ability to use Underground Movement to move Sage is also a very big deal.

Let’s Sketch it Out

4x Sage – Xavier’s Secret Weapon
1x Neutron – Nat Tryon
1x The Beyonder – Inhuman
1x Death – The Second Force of the Universe

4x Bad Press
4x Underground Movement – Team-Up
4x Enemy of My Enemy
4x Mobilize

The Beyonder is really sick here as he guarantees that we can end turn five with a hidden and Neutron that will trigger. The ideal row is one team-up, three Bad Press. and whatever else floats your boat – 2 + 3 = 5, and your opponent only gets five resources… have fun.

The four drop of choice is going to be pretty important here. After some research, I came up with a four drop that is not only potentially very powerful but one that I really love.

Hellboy 4

Underground Movement lets you move the guys in your concealed area so that Hellboy’s ability will also trigger. He also gets bigger without commitment, which is a huge deal since we’re going to be stuck on five resources for the entire game.

Pancakes is also a very great tool against TNB. It also allows you to keep Sage going into recovery – at the very worst, you can simply Pancakes during recovery so you can keep Sage going into five.

Break Off The Horns is just insane.

So we got that settled. Since our plan is to look them at five, we’re going to need a lot of five drops.

There are a lot of good ones, but the big find for me is Kang – The Conqueror. This guy really rewards you for having few resources and he also hides himself for Hellboy. Yowza!

Other potentials:

Scarecrow – Chiroptophobic: Deals with weenies.

Black Manta – Underwater Marauder:
Rebuying Pancakes . Yummy.

Dark Superboy – Mockery : Potentially ver devestating if we can lock them early enough.

Kate Kane ♦ Batwoman – Katherine the Younger: Pbear

Thing – Heavy Hitter : The biggest five drop.

Superman – Metropolis Marvel: Insanely big!

Apocalypse – Age of Apocalypse: You can keep sinking points into him to make him larger.

Here’s my first draft.

Characters: 26
1x Mr. Mxyzptlk – Troublesome Trickster
4x Jaime Reyes ♦ Blue Beetle – High-Tech Hero
4x Night Thrasher – Dwayne Michael Taylor
2x Erik Josten ♦ Atlas – Kosmos Convict
4x Sage – Xavier’s Secret Weapon
4x Hellboy – Anung Un Rama
1x Kang – The Conqueror
2x Neutron – Nat Tryon
1x Superman – Metropolis Marvel
1x Mr. Sinister – Visionary Geneticist
1x The Beyonder – Inhuman
1x Death – The Second Force of the Universe

Characters: 24
4x Break Off The Horns
4x Bad Presses .
4x Pancakes
4x Underground Movement – Team-Up
4x Enemy of My Enemy
4x Mobilize

Location: 3
3x Dr Fate’s Tower

Equipment: 7
3x Helm of Nabu – Fate Artifact
2x Cloak of Nabu – Fate Artifact
2x Amulet of Nabu – Fate Artifact

Any thoughts?



  1. That deck makes me feel warm in all the right places.

  2. I’m trying to imagine what turn this deck goes for the win. Yes Hellboy is big on 4. Break lets you clear a board with him but he won’t cause much damage on initiative, even fated up, as long as his attack can be reinforced. Your primary 3 and 5 drops will only make the safest of attacks because you need them for the lock and Pancakes doesn’t recover them. Kang never attacks due to his ability. So I’m guessing you’re looking to replay turn 5 several times and win on what would’ve been turn 7 or 8? Can Superman and Hellboy force that much damage through?

  3. You dont really have a good way to get a bunch of bad presses out. You could use Ruin but hes the same spot as Sage.

    I do like the idea of blocking out the opponents turn 6-8, but I’m not sure you’ll actually be able to plot twist lock them all that much.

    Also this deck seems really weak to rush.

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