Posted by: thederangedbear | August 7, 2008

Thoughtful Thursdays: Reign of Terror

I’ve been thinking about random Golden Age stuff lately. With Golden Age comes thoughts of Doom and sorrow of how bad he’s been nerfed in the present day.


Ah… my old friend…

My favorite deck for the longest time was New School. New School was a Marvel Knights/Gotham Knights/Doom/Fearsome Five/Darkseid’s Elite (whew) control deck that focused on absolutely dominating the opponent’s attack step. I knew this deck so well that it felt like I could tell what I would draw. My deck treated me well giving 10th place at the one and only 10k I ever attended, and I treated it well by slowly foiling it and EAing it out.

Then my parents threw it away.

* Sigh *

Anyhow, Reign of Terror is clearly an absurd card. I mean, when you’re playing with a uberly good card, you kind of develop a blindness as to how unfair or unfun that card is. Having been away from Golden Age and started looking back, Reign of Terror seems insane. Ludin says that Reign of Terror is tier 0 -ala God Tier – in Golden Age.

Or is it?

Now that I’ve thought about it a bit I agree halfway with Ludin. The thing is, four drops that decimate opposing three drops are not unprecedented: Terra – Tara Markov, Merlyn – Direct Hit Man, Blackheart – Black King, or Fatality – Flawless Victory etc.

Consequently, I feel that Reign of Terror is not broken.

TWO Reign of Terrors though is broken.

Double Reign basically says you did nothing for your last three turns. Nothing. Double Reign also has more implications then your opponent losing everything with cost three or less. The fact that Doom also has Mystical Paralysis means that you’re unlikely to force any natural KOs until turn six.

That is assuming that I don’t play any other tricky characters that can manhandle your guys – which is doubtful.

At the same time, it pains me to see how fair Dr. Doom is nowadays! Dr. Doom is a jerk! He’s supposed to be mean and diabolical and do all sorts of meanbly stuff. This guy is an evil Batman! So factoring in all we know today, I humbly suggest:


It always annoyed me that stuff like Cloak of Nabu – Fate Artifact, Pathetic Attempt , and Huntress – Reluctant Queen could stop Reign of Terror.

Fuck that.

Especially Pathetic Attempt – that card is the bane of my existance. I’m a big believer that reprint fixed version of broken cards, you might as well give them a slight boost somehow so it doesn’t seem like a complete waste of cardboard for the older players.

(The second half of the clause is to prevent people from using the new Reign first, and then play the old Reign although that’s probably an unneccessary bit of text. If you take it out the card looks more badass.)

What do you guys think?




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