Posted by: thederangedbear | August 5, 2008

Testing Tuesdays: Cutting

I wouldn’t say I’m neccessarily a perfectionist, but I would say that I have pretty high standards when it comes to my personal expectations.

A big part of this comes up in my body. I’ve always really wanted to look like Superman.

I realize it’s something of a folly, but I think having a goal to strive for, no matter how unrealistic – is one of the best ways to motivate self improvement.

To get that Superman esque shape, I’ve been needing to ‘cut’, which basically means lose fat. It’s very frustrating and sometimes it seems very arbitrary. I woke up last Sunday weighing 205, and yesterday I woke up 10 pounds heavier. I understand physiology pretty well, and I understand this isn’t actually neccessarily me gaining ten pounds of weight persay, but jeez God, did you have to give me that much of a downer?

I think I need to add more supplements to my routine : (

Speaking of cutting:

Characters: 29
1x Mr. Mxyzptlk – Troublesome Trickster
1x Aunt May – Golden Oldie
4x Black Cat – Nine Lives
1x Night Thrasher – Dwayne Michael Taylor
1x Crime Doctor – Bradford Thorne
1x Puppet Master – Overprotective Father
1x Blade – Nightstalker
4x Dr. Doom – Richards’s Rival
1x Spider-Girl – Daughter of Spider-Man
4x Spider-Man – The Sensational Spider-Man
1x Black Manta – Underwater Marauder
1x Talia – Daughter of Madness
1x Lex Luthor – Metropolis Mogul
1x Scarecrow – Chiroptophobic
1x Human Torch – Fiery Friend
1x Dr. Doom – Sorcerous Savant
2x Spider-Man – Stark’s Protégé
1x Ghost Rider – Danny Ketch
1x Galactus – Devourer of Worlds

Plot Twists: 25
4x Gift Wrapped
4x Superhuman Registration Act – Team-Up
4x Carrying the Torch
4x Mobilize
3x Omnipotence
3x Straight to the Grave
1x Death of the Dream
1x Have a Blast!
1x Mystical Paralysis

Locations: 6
3x Empire State University
3x Soul World

We can’t ignore this bad boy, can we?

First, Talia really has to go. I really like her as a card and what she does, but she’s way too slow to set up against rush decks. This is another subtle side effect of the rotation of Enemy of My Enemy; previously you could burn serch effects pre-emptively on Talia and the two drops she brings into play. With just Mobilize fixing your curve, we don’t really have that luxury.

Lex Luthor – Metropolis Mogul is another interesting inclusion. The implications of this guy’s ability are strong enough to merit him in this deck, but there aren’t any decks in the present metagame that really make me feel “Ah, Lex would be perfect in that spot!” In the corner cases where Lex has value, Omnipotence is pretty powerful in the match-ups.

Speaking of situationally powerful in match-ups; we have Death of the Dream and
1x Have a Blast! . These cards are absurdly good. I think you really need to play with Death of the Dream to realize just how insane it is. Worst comes to worst it cycles two dead cards, but it also has great synergy with terraform.

The metagame at GenCon seems to be much more aggressive though, and since there are better cards for stifling aggressive decks these go on the cutting board.

So we’re:
– 1x Crime Doctor – Bradford Thorne
– 1x Puppet Master – Overprotective Father
– 1x Talia – Daughter of Madness
– 1x Death of the Dream
– 1x Have a Blast!
I think playing a few more copies of Night Thrasher would be good. It’s not neccessarily since Dr. Doom more or less guarantees you the Superhuman Registration Act, but often times I find myself wishing I could use him to search out Gift Wrapped instead.

As for our new five, there’s Mr. Sinister – Visionary Geneticist. I think this guy is slightly better then Lex – okay maybe a lot – because he can shut down key cards in aggressive decks – Divinity – Vampiric General, White Martian – Earth 3, and Ghost Rider – Spirit of Vengeance etc.

To be honest, I’m not sure why I didn’t have Sinister to start with. Something about Lex’s ten defense has a Chipotle Grill-esque allure to me.

Finally, we have Mystical Paralysis. I’ve been wanting to add more copies of this card for awhile. Seven plot twist based exhaustion effects seem like a little overkill to me.

Only testing will determine whether or not this is true.

So insummation:

+ 2 Night Thrasher – Dwayne Michael Taylor
+ 1 Mr. Sinister – Visionary Geneticist.
+ 2 Mystical Paralysis

Next week, I’ll go against some of the stock rush decks again and see how they do.

Is there any super awesome Silver Age deck I’m missing here? LMK plz!




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