Posted by: thederangedbear | July 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Things to Expand On

Sometimes UDE dabbles with various themes or motifs but don’t completely flesh them out. Here are thirteen links/themes/ideas that UDE has touched on over the past that I think would be cool to expand on, or just that I would like them to revisit.

XIII: Xavier’s School

Due to the length of the card name, the full name of the card extends to the line where the version should be.

This thus opens up some awesome design space, similar to how the Negative Zones interact. Think of the potential locations we could have “Xavier’s School, San Fransisco” or “Xavier’s School, Danger Room” etc. This isn’t a big deal, but I think a call back like this would be super cool.

XII: The Green Lantern Oath

Right now for cards we have:

“In Darkest Night”
“No Evil Shall Escape Our Might”

So that’s

‘In Brightest Day… Let Those Who Worship Evil’s Might Beware Our Power Green Lantern’s Light’

XI: Another Fate Artifact

I think since the Fate Artifacts are going to be in Golden Age, it should be okay to print another Fate Artifact as long as it doesn’t give any stat bonuses. It would have to do something pretty weak, but I think it would be fine. Something about armoring a character up really appeals to the RPG player in me.

X: Unaffiliated Support

Right now we have awesome unaffiliated characters, and in the past we’ve seen unaffiliated enablers like Guy Gardner and Mosaic World. Unfortunately, these have tended to be rather lackluster.

The new unaffiliated characters are awesome; you figure unaffiliated already suffers from inflexibility more then any team does so they need to make up for it with more power, and I think they could use some good support cards. I’m thinking super good card draw or brick-walling.

IX: Generic Loner Support

We’ve seen this slightly in Assorted Aliases, Origin Story, New and Improved etc.

I think every team should have access to a loner strategy. Character and Superman, Spider-Man and Batman are generally more notorious for their solo exploits then there team, so it would make sense that access to loner strategies should be generic.

Not saying there should be a generic Spin Doctoring, but Spill the Beans certainly doesn’t hurt anyone.

VIII: Life Gain

Curtis ‘tchalla’ Brown once told me that ideally – not in the strategic sense, but in terms of the longevity of the game – control should use endurance gain. I’m somewhat more inclined to agree with him as life gain to stall creates the illusion for an opponent that they’re still in the game.

Messiah Complex is a great push towards this direction.

VII: Alternate Win Conditions

: )

VI: Willpower

I’m actually not a big fan of willpower – I think from a functional perspective you could change all references to willpower to a character’s cost an 80% of them would still behave the same.

I really like how they’re used as a payment cost in DCU though, and it’s really excited about the future of this mechanic. This is one of the few based ideas I’ve see on the net that I actually like.

V: Iron Man

I really like the Iron Man movie and I’m a little sad his legend support wasn’t as fully fleshed as other characters.

IV: Dual Legend Support

This one’s a stretch to say they’ve touched on this – I’m saying At their Finest, Brains and Brawns, and Best of the Best count for this – but there are a lot of famous comic book duos out there and I think legend cards that key off having two of them would be really fun.

III: Illuminati

Cause I’m a dork.

II: X-Men Search Card

King of a cheat, but this is probably overdue.

I: Bears

How awesome with Trouble with Dinosaurs be if it were Trouble with Bears?



  1. Trouble With Bears:
    KO target character you control.

    Yeah, that’s the trouble with bears… they are only slightly useful… deranged ones are even less.

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