Posted by: thederangedbear | July 23, 2008

W’s Day: Good Game!

Today’s W is ‘Winning’.

I always play these stall decks that prevent the opponent from doing anything. It’s just exhaust, exhaust, brick, brick, recover, recover, negate, negate etc…

Anyways, I always feel weird when I win. I’m never sure what I’m supposed to say. You really can’t say “Good game” because it wasn’t good. You just basically spent the whole time preventing you opponent from ‘gaming essentially.

Sure sometimes, you get those games where you eek out a win, and yeah. A lot of times though the games are fairly lopsided one way or another.

Even worse: Somewhere along the line I picked up the habit of apologizing for the win. This is a pile of poop too, but I really don’t know what to say without feelin like an ass. It feels so natural to say “Sorry” as in “Sorry for stalling you out of the game.”

Or maybe I’m thinking too much about it.

Any thoughts on what’s the right etiquette?



  1. Can next week’s “W” be “warbling”?

  2. Next time, do the opposite of what you feel – just to break the habbit. When you win, immediately punch the other player in the face (unless its me). See how that goes down.

    [Real advice? Just say “GG” and move on. Isn’t that what YOU’D want if you got your ass handed to you?]

  3. The loser says “good game”

  4. There is no right etiquette for winning with a stall deck. To break it down, the deck doesn’t “win.” There is usually a single card (Galactus, Imperiex, etc) that wins. The deck just tries not to lose until it can get to that card.

    When I play stall, I usually shrug and say “I wasn’t trying to win, I was just trying not to lose until X came out.”

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