Posted by: thederangedbear | July 22, 2008

Testing Tuesday: MKKO

It’s official: On Tuesdays? I’m not autocarding.

Onto SRA: I had a discussion with Kevin “kamikazi” Huynh awhile back about my SRA build. Kevin’s a great guy, and he suggested the Silver Surfer/Galactus. This combination has a big benefit in that you do not have to play an eight drop.

The flip side of this is that Silver Surfer does nothing on his own. However, if you are playing lots of Gift Wrappeds and Mystical Paralysis, suddenly Silver Surfer becomes very good if he carries the Torch for Spider-Man or Dr. Doom.

This is one of those things that you really need to test to find out. There are a few virtues of playing Protege. First, is that he actually has a relavent impact on board position since he often handles three characters – his ability, Gift Wrap, and his 16 DEF. In addition, playing more copies of Spider-Man is good since you want cards that can be hit by Carrying the Torch.

So I have no idea which is better. If anyone has any ideas chime in. Certainly this difference would be definitely be more prounounced in control match-ups.

Today’s villains:


Characters: 29
4 Black Widow, Femme Fatale
4 Black Panther, Silent Stalker
4 Punisher, Suicide Run
4 Daredevil, Fearless Survivor
4 Blade, Independent Contractor
2 Ghost Rider, The Devil’s Rider
4 Wolverine, Covert Predator
1 Captain America, Loyal Patriot
1 Punisher, Captain America
1 Ghost Rider, Spirit of Vengeance

Plot Twists: 31
4 Quick Kill
4 Finishing Move
4 Mobilize
4 Wild Ride
4 Savage Beatdown
4 Blinding Rage
4 Flying Kick
3 Trouble With Dinosaurs

Based off Kurt Hindman’s deck from Worlds. I swapped Stryker for Trouble with Dinosaurs. Given how aggressive you’re KOing your own guys, TwD is like Savage Beatdown 5-8.

From last week:

Characters: 29
1x Mr Mxyptzlk, Troublesome Trickster
1x Aunt May, Golden Oldie
4x Black Cat, Nine Lives
1x Night Thrasher, Dwayne Michael Johnson
1x Rupert Thorne, Crime Doctor
1x Puppet Master, Overprotective Father
1x Blade, Nighstalker
4x Dr. Doom, Richard’s Rival
1x Spider-Girl, Daughter of Spider-Man
4x Spider-Man, the Sensational Spider-Man
1x Black Manta, Underwater Marauder
1x Talia, Daughter of Madness
1x Lex Luthor, Metropolis Mogul
1x Scarecrow, Chiroptophobic
1x Human Torch, Fiery Friend
1x Dr. Doom, Sorcerous Savant
2x Spider-Man, Stark’s Protege
1x Ghost Rider, Danny Ketch
1x Galactus, Devourer of Worlds

Plot Twists: 25
4x Gift Wrapped
4x Superhuman Registration Act
4x Carrying the Torch
4x Mobilize
3x Omnipotence
3x Straight to the Grave
1x Death of a Dream
1x Have a Blast
1x Mystical Paralysis

Locations: 6
3x Empire State University
3x Soul World

Let’s roll.

Game 1: MKKO has evens.

Turn 1 Black Widow goes unopposed but a turn 2 Punisher is met with Black Cat. I have the ESU for a little digging but I get mauled by Quick Kill. Turn three I have Doom hunting out Mobilize – I already have my team-up, but Blade and Finishing Move take that down.

On four, I Mobilize out Aunt May to get Spider-Man, Black Widow KOs Aunt May in response to Spider-Man coming into play – yeah, I didn’t see that one coming either. I Gift Wrap Wolverine, but Spidey goes down from Punisher. Snowballs from there.

MKKO: 1 – SRA: 0

Game 2 – MKKO has odds.

I natural Black Cat and ESU once more. MKKO misses turn one but has second two Punisher. Surprisingly Black Cat sees recovery.

On 3 MKKO has Blade, I STTG and Soul World out Doom hunting down SRA. I form with Black Cat in the back in a bit to keep her to next turn – so I can use Spider Man. MKKO Flying Kicks on Blade and goes over to Black Cat. Punisher exhausts for Finishing Move and I KO my ESU – my other card is a Soul World and a Carrying the Torch – to row the SRA. This is a mistake in retro but defensible I think.

On four I Mobilize for Aunt May to get Spider-Man. Fortunately for me, my SRA has topped another copy of Spider-Man to the top. MKKO has Cover Predator. I Gift Wrap and exhaust his board.

MKKO underdrops on five with Black Widow Black Panther and Daredevil. I have four cards in hand, shoulda kept ESU for Aunt Maying especially since I have double Carrying the Torch in hand.

Spider-Man exhausts Blade, and I Mobilize for Black Manta, then Carrying the Torch to make him Spider-Man and Gift Wrap and Sensational activation to exhaust his board except for Black Widow.

Turn six, I natural my six drop and Torch his board, I rebuy Gift Wrap. I win.

MKKO: 1 SRA: 1

Game 3 – MKKO has odds

MKKO has Black Widow unchallenged. I natural Black Cat, and MKKO Wild Rides for Punisher. Punisher swings and I get Quick Killed. On three, I Richard’s Rival out SRA he has Blade, Blade mutuals and he KOs with Punisher.

On four, I Straight to the Grave binning Aunt May and Soul World her back to hand and free recruit her. Black Widow KO’s Aunt May in response to Spider-Man’s recruit. MKKO has Wolverine. Blade goes into Spidey with Blinding Rage and moves him out – I asked my cousin and he said it was to help do more damage.

Turn five, I flip SRA and Mobilize for Black Manta. I Straight to the Grave Gift Wrapped and Human Torch, I rebuy Aunt May with Soul World, and free discard to fetch another four drop Spider-Man I rebuy Gift Wrap I debate the sub, but I don’t do it.

Then he misses his six.

SRA: 2 – MKKO: 1

At this point, I decide to take a small break and scour the net for a different MKKO list. Most of the derivations are pretty similar and I’m surprised my cousin is missing his drops so frequently.

Game 4

MKKO has odds.

MKKO leads with Black Panther. On turn two, I ESU and Black Cat, while MKKO has Daredevil. Black Panther Flying Kicks into Black Cat who gets Finishing Moved.

MKKO asks for a pre-takeback on this – meaning he wants to try something new, and underdrops Punisher and Bkack Widow. Daredevil swings into Spider Girl, and after the stun, Punisher KOs her.

On four, I play Spider-Man, MKKO plays Wolverine I Gift Wrap everyone but Wolverine.

On five, I Gift Wrap with Spidey play Doom fetching Mystical Paralysis, then KO Spider-Man to stack him and tie down Wolverine. He hits a five, KOs Black Widow to remove Black Panther and triple Dinosaurs me out.

SRA: 2 – MKKO: 2

MKKO’s plan here seems to be just easy enough: Prevent Sensational Spider-Man’s ability from triggering on four. Consequently, Richard’s Rival is a low value KO target. Black Widow is really important if they can deal with my Black Cat as Aunt May is my only other way to generate Spider-Man’s ability.

Game 5:

MKKO has evens

MKKO leads with Black Widow.

: (

His turn two is Black Panther, while I Night Thrasher a copy of SRA for another. Black Panther swings and my two gets Finishing Moved.

On three, I flip SRA, then Richard’s Rival for Gift Wrapped. MKKO plays Blade. I get some damage. MKKO swings Blade into Doom and moves him hidden, before facing.

The fourth turn MKKO searches out Wolverine. I recruit Spider-Man off the top of my deck but no Aunt May

: (

I Gift Wrap Wolverine, but Blade goes into Spider Man with a Flying Kick and is promptly Quick Killed.

Turn 5 I play Talia versus Captain America. Captain America and Talia trade, but the latter get Finishing Moved. Desite me having no visibles I’m still alive, albeit barely.

MKKO underdrops on six. I have Fiery Friend and torch his board down but Captain America and Wolverine do me in.

MKKO: 3 SRA: 2

Game 6:

MKKO has odds.

WIth one Wild Ride and no two drop in hand, do you Wild Ride for your really awesome one drop? It pays off and he peels his two drop. LAME! I do however, have a one drop in Mxy which might be relavent to protect Black Cat.

I miss my two though, and Punisher and Black Widow hit hard. I let Mxy go during recovery.

Turn 3, Blade and Doom, Doom gets SRA, Doom gets moved…

On four, I play Spider-Man. MKKO Mobilizes for Covert Predator. Blade puts a Savage Beatdown on Spidey who gets Quick Killed.

Turn 5 MKKO plays Captain America, I Mobilize for Black Manta, Carrying the Torch to make him Spider-Man and Gift Wrap Captain America. Wolverine goes in with a Flying Kick and BLack Manta gets Finishing Moved.

Turn 6 I Mobilize for Human Torch and Torch his board but it’s not enough to stabilize.

MKKO: 4 – SRA 2

Game 7:

MKKO has evens

The first play, is MKKO’s Daredevil on two, while I dud again.

Turn three I Richard’s Rival for SRA. He plays Blade. I swing, Blade moves. Standard fare. On four, four MKKO has Ghost Rider and Natasha, I play Spder-Man and free out an Aunt May.

I exhaust Ghost Rider, Natasha, and Blade, unfortuatenly Daredevil has a Flying Kick onto Spider-Man and a Quick Kill.

Turn 5 I Mobilize for Black Manta. MKKO has Punisher and Black Panther I make Black Manta Spider-Man and Gift Wrap.

Punisher beats into the Aunt May protecting Black Manta. Ghost Rider then goes into Black Manta with a Blinding Rage and Punisher KOs.

MKKO has no recruits. I play Dr Doom Sorcerous Savant, but he has the requisitie pumps to finish.

MKKO: 5 – SRA: 2

Game 8: – MKKO has odds

He has no Black Widow and my Black Cat sees recovery, this one isn’t close.

MKKO: 5 – SRA: 3

Whew. Hang in guys. Almost there:

Game 9 – MKKO has evens

MKKO Wild Rides for Black Widow on one. Turn two is Daredevil vs Black Cat, with the Cat exhausting to ESU. Widow and Daredevil team attack Black Cat who is promptly Quick Killed.

Turn three Blade moves DOom, get Faced turn five MKKO has Wolverine. SRA Mobilizes for Spider-Man, the mobilizes for Aunt May hunting another copy of Spider-Man. SRA goes to exhaust Blade. I sub in Spider-Man, in response Widow KOs, which I respond with ESU and follow with I Gift Wrap on Wolverine.

Turn 5: I KO Doom to replace into the Mobilize on top of my deck and search for Black Manta. I rebuy AUnt May and search for another Spider-Man. I exhaust Blade, sub in Spider-Man and pass MKKO has no recruits and I Gift Wrap Wolverine.

I get in for some damage.

On six, MKKO duds again and I recruit Dr Doom Sorcerous Savant

MKKO: 5 SRA: 4

Game 10 – MKKO has Odds

He KOS all my shit.

MKKO: 6 – SRA: 4


– The focus of this match-up is to KO all the Spider-Friends curve. Black Widow is incredibly important here as she handles Aunt May.
– Underdropping to play KO guys is good.
– Blade moving three drop – since affiliation is irrelevant.

– Your job is to get lucky. MKKO often implodes surprisingly.
– Always play Spider-Man before Aunt May.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s much you can do in terms of pre-determined strategy. Unlike Moloids, where your goal was to set up a Gift Wrap on four, depending on whether MKKO has enough KO effects your strategy will change substantially.

How could I improve this match-up? Here are some ideas I’ve been running through:

Indebted: Indebted would help guarantee my ability to play Spider-Man before Aunt May so Black Widow is less effective.

Mystical Paralysis: Just another exhaustion toy.

Spider-Man, Zombie: He can’t be Quick Killed and he guarantees that you can sub in Spider-Man and go nuts on their board.

Pathetic Attempt: This one is so-so.

Cut Talia: So mediocre; did nothing again. I think she definitely deserves the cut, but I’ll wait till after I play against IG next week to finalize.

Until next time,



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