Posted by: thederangedbear | July 18, 2008

Freestyle Fridays: InSaNiTy!

Freestyle Fridays, beside being an awesome show on BET – look up some combination of “Jin freestyle BET” on YouTube for one of the most awesome yet unexpected rappers – is the title of my Friday musings. Expect weekly summations, or just talk about the stuff going on in my personal life. It’s free style you know? So I’m free to execute my own personal style…

I’ve been toying with Rigged Elections builds lately on OCTGN in a bid to find something good enough for the GA event at Indy.

I’ve always really liked decks that utterly dominate people. I really enjoyed that feeling of overwhelming victory, like when you storm your opponent’s base with twelve 3-3-3 Protoss Carriers with max interceptors. Not sure why this is, maybe I’m overcompensating for something.


My latest attempt involves Insanity. Combo loves draw and we have both Beside Myself and Certifiable. Also: Arkham Asylumteaming up Arkham Inmates – to use Rigged – Fantastic Four – Cosmic Radiation – and say… Heroes of Earth, Pro-Registration, or Anti-Registration?


Obviously said deck was the stainz.

(Although few things are as awesome as Sharon Ginsberg – Corrupt Counsel and Beside Myself. I’ve had a thing for Sharon Ginsberg – Corrupt Counsel in Golden Age lately not sure why.)

One thing I like about combo is how easy it is test, especially in GA. You just gotta make sure you can play around Dr. Doom – Diabolic Genius when it comes to your turn four kill.

Now obviously, Insanity is not that good. Many will disagree, but to be didactic:

Let’s say a standard deck is something like four copies of fifteen so good card. So if you’re insane, you need to play 45 more cards. The number is slight lower because there are Insanity pay-offs and you might have more then fifteen good cards, so let’s say 30 cards.

At this point, you either dilute your deck by playing bad cards that somewhat fit your them, or you play good cards that aren’t stamped to you. Both of which hurt you when it comes to consistency.

Of course sometimes you draw your good cards in the right context with Insanity love, you’er like ska-doosh! GG!

But no.

Anyhow, I was thinking about how to give Insanity a shot in the arm, without being too overt about it and I think I came up with a very clever insanity card.


What do you guys think?

Enjoy the weekend.

Until next time,





  1. Isn’t it like a “wish” from MTG? But with more wording? What if it got any card from outside of the game, I think that would be better, then it would be like playing two of any card, maybe more if you returned it multiple times.

  2. That card is a headache and a half, but still fun.

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