Posted by: thederangedbear | July 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Things I Want to BYOT With!

You guys know the drill:

XIII – Darkseid’s Elite: Darkseid – Apokoliptian Oppressor and Glorious Godfrey – Persuader makes me smile.

XII – The Green Lantern Corp: Kyle Rayner is my second favorite DCU character next to Superman. This team is about as controlling as it gets, with recovery, access to some good amount of brickwall effects, and lifegain.

XI – Spider-Friends: I’ve never been a big friend of Spider-Man – my brother and I played superhero a lot and we were little, and we never got to pick the same superhero and he always took Spidey – but I love Spider-Man – The Sensational Spider-Man with Black Cat – Nine Lives/Empire State University . Unfortunately, the rest of their curve is not that saucy.

X – Inhumans: Probably the thirteen character rush deck. I learned a lot about VS from this archetype. The question for us now, is how low can you drop the character count? In any case, Quicksilver – Inhuman by Marriage with Mega-Blast seems so baller.

IX – Secret Society: They’re already insanely awesome in Modern. Add the Fate Artifacts and you can Deadshot – Floyd Lawton easy too. Didn’t Michael Brenden make top 8 at MegaWeekend: Los Angeles with this deck?

VIII – Injustice Gang: I’m a huge fan of prison archetypes and Lex Luthor – Nefarious Philanthropist is such a jerk.

VII – League of Assasins: Tower of Babel seems really awesome in a team-centric format. Other then that, I’ve always loved five drop Cassandra Cain – Daughter of Shiva, Merlyn – Deadly Archer, and Sensei – Martial Arts Master. Throw in some fates and who knows?

VI – Doom: Both the Doomstadts make having multiple Dooms in play really fun. You can start with Dr. Doom – Richards’s Rival searching out A Clash of Worlds so you can double up on Dr. Dr. Doom – Diabolic Genius, who then flips it down. From that point on you have some more different options.

Oh yeah… Reign of Terror is so nutty.

V – Team Superman: The notion of playing with Super clones is really exciting to me, especially with At Their Finest , and Look-Alike Squad letting one guy clear the whole opposing field.

4 – Fantastic Four: Number in different format for emphasis! I wouldn’t play any Family of Four nonsense though. I’d get out Mr. Fantastic – Stretch and string out all eight bath tubs along with the Fate Artifacts for massive beats.

III – X-Men: My X-Men deck wouldn’t be an X-Men deck, as much as it would be a Puppet Master – Philip Masters deck. Puppet Master – Philip Masters/A Clash of Worlds to let you play multiples of the troublesome X-hauster with Xavier’s School and Professor X – Headmaster.

Close the game with Jean Grey – Phoenix Force and Imperiex – The Beginning and The End .

II – Teen Titans: I’m a sucker for Lorena Marquez ♦ Aquawoman – Titans Tomorrow West, but the fact that all the rebuy locations are stamped and unusable make me sad. That said Roy Harper and Press the Attack shotting the board down is still insane, but I’m a bit wary with Omnipotence and Pathetic Attempt .

And last:

I – Nextwave: Am I joking? Nope! Here’s my curve:

Turn 4: Fate up The Captain – Can’t Remember His Real Name
Turn 5: The Captain with a Atlantean Trident
Turn 6: The Captain with Mandroid Prototype .

Lots of equips with I’m a Futurist to fix the curve and whatever legendary PTs make me feel good.

Plus I get to play with Elsa Bloodstone – Foulmouthed Bombshell? Isn’t that the biggest win of all? @#$!

Until tomorrow,





  1. I though I was insane going with Shi’ar or infinity watch.

    But nextwave?


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