Posted by: thederangedbear | July 16, 2008

W’s Day: Splintered Reality

Welcome to W’s Day!

“Why no clever alliteration for today’s title?”, you may wonder. Well, I spent a good amount of time trying to find a word that started with ‘W’ which could sustain a weekly column. Unfortunately, I was unable to find one that felt perfect.

One thing I did learn through my forays to the dictionary and thesauruses, is that there are A LOT of words that start with W. Thus, I’ve decided to make to make my Wednesday posts based on the letter W, purely for thematic reasons.

Somedays it may be ‘whimsical’ or have me ‘watching’ and commenting about other blogs or online posts that have struck a chord in me. Or perhaps talking about influential ‘writings’ – you get the drift.

Today’s W is one of a kind I think, probably never to be repeated again.


The reason “Waah” is an appropriate W for today, is because it’s about Superman-Prime – or Superboy Prime – who is a huge crybaby.

This version of Superman-Prime was previewed here earlier in the week. I am including it here to give you some context for this card, and an image to think about.

Superboy Prime is basically a very immature superhero just spends his whole day “Waah’ing about how terrible his life is and how he wants his life back to the way it used to be. That by itself doesn’t sound too bad, but after you read in it more, you discover this guy’s entire motivation – I shit you not – is that he was supposed to become a revered superhero, but was denied that chance.

What an egotistical prick.

Unfortunately, not only is this incarnation of Supes a selfish crybaby, but he’s also incredibly powerful. This chump is capable of simultaneously taking on the Supermen of two worlds, a Daxamite – basically a slightly weaker Superman – with a Super Green Lantern’s Powers, and it took a Guardian – think mini-god – to kill him, which didn’t actually succeed either.

The power is most famously demonstrated in the infamous ‘RetCon’ pun,where Superman Prime’s constant punching of a wall causes the retroactive changing of DC’s continuity.

This moment is depicted in the DCU preview card for today.

Splintered Reality

Name: Splintered Reality
Cost: 5
Game Text: Whenever target Superman-Prime you control causes X breakthrough to a player this turn, replace up to X target face-up resources that player.

Just like the infamous reality changing punch of the Infinite Crisis series, when Superman Prime connects, he’s going to change the way the game is going to played. If your opponent was banking on locations or on-goings, nope too bad.

This card can blast team-ups too. Whole rows of them in fact.

Very flavorful, and I was glad to have the opportunity to show you this card!

Until tomorrow,





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