Posted by: thederangedbear | July 15, 2008

Testing Tuesday: Superhuman Registration Act Control

[Sorry, I’ll autocard later! : ( ]

Welcome to Testing Tuesdays!This is where the bulk of testing I’m going to do for Indy- if I do go – will be documented.

For the foreseeable future, Testing Tuesdays will be focused on Silver Age as It’s my favorite deck.

Characters: 29
1x Mr Mxyptzlk, Troublesome Trickster
1x Aunt May, Golden Oldie
4x Black Cat, Nine Lives
1x Night Thrasher, Dwayne Michael Johnson
1x Rupert Thorne, Crime Doctor
1x Puppet Master, Overprotective Father
1x Blade, Nighstalker
4x Dr. Doom, Richard’s Rival
1x Spider-Girl, Daughter of Spider-Man
4x Spider-Man, the Sensational Spider-Man
1x Black Manta, Underwater Marauder
1x Talia, Daughter of Madness
1x Lex Luthor, Metropolis Mogul
1x Scarecrow, Chiroptophobic
1x Human Torch, Fiery Friend
1x Dr. Doom, Sorcerous Savant
2x Spider-Man, Stark’s Protege
1x Ghost Rider, Danny Ketch
1x Galactus, Devourer of Worlds

Plot Twists: 25
4x Gift Wrapped
4x Superhuman Registration Act
4x Carrying the Torch
4x Mobilize
3x Omnipotence
3x Straight to the Grave
1x Death of a Dream
1x Have a Blast
1x Mystical Paralysis

Locations: 6
3x Empire State University
3x Soul World

This list is super theory fighter with characters included to deal with general meta decks. Isn’t that how all decks start out though?

The biggest eye sore is Spider-Girl. This card is very akin to Have a Blasting Syndiquick’s team-up in this match-up and prevents Syniquick – and any sort of Wolverine-Face-You deck – from closing.
She also deals with utility guys well. Your lower drops having evasion mean you will be able to use Spider-Man’s ability despite the rest of your curve being relatively loose.

The Silver Age event at Worlds was dominated by eight beatdown decks. Spider-Friends is then a good metagame call. I’m not sure why I didn’t play it then, Checkmate/Avengers just looked so cool : )

The Superhuman Registration Act is clearly going to be a format defining card. This card is going the new Fate set in my opinion; a standard ‘optimized’ package of the most efficient character base defenses will be discovered and at that point you just input whatever flavor of early drops you like.

Spider-Friends has awesome synergy with the SRA due to Night Thrasher and with Black Cat/ESU just being awesome at digging for Gift Wrapped.

Have a Blast and Death of a Dream are too good not to play I think.

The most exciting addition to this archetype is SRA and Carrying the Torch – which Brian Eugenio was killing people with at Worlds with Bust-A-Cap. Where these two intersect is Black Manta. You have the ability to continually exhaust the largest on curve character by granting them the Spider-Man name then rebuying the Gift Wrapped, or Dr. Doom and playing Mystical Paralysis.

Carrying the Torch also lets you clone Spider-Man.

Every week, I’ll try to get a set against an archetype and take notes on how it plays. Every few games I’ll toggle cards slightly and see how it goes.

Here’s the first enemy on the docket:

Moloids – courtesy of Brian “Kansashoops” Foley

Characters: 29
14x Moloids, Army
4x Mole Man
4x Klaw, Sonic Construct
4x Dr. Doom, Richards’s Rival
4x Mr. Fantastic, Doom’s Adversary
1x Divinity, Vampiric General
1x Ultron <> Ultron 11, Army
1x Dr. Doom, Sorcerous Savant

Plot Twists: 31
4x Doomed Earth
4x The Uni-Power
4x Mobilize
4x Unthinkable
4x Big Leagues
3x Fervent Research
4x Trouble with Dinosaurs
4x Savage Beatdown

Moloids did pretty good in the World Silver Age event with two top 8s. It strikes me as the deck the old pros default to when they rejoin so it seems like something good to know how to play against.

Game 1

I have Odds.

On turn one Mike has Klaw, unopposed and swings.

On turn two, Mike makes a Moloid then KOs both his on-board to flip a Doomed Earth and then another copy of Klaw, I fight back with a rather meager Black Cat and ESU.

Turn three, I have Dr Doom searching out SRA, while Mike has reciprocates with Dr. Doom, Richard’s Rival hunting out Doomed Earth.

Swing, swing…

Turn 4- Mike KOs Klaw and a Moloid to his second Doomed Earth, the plays Mr. Fantastic to reanimate a Moloid. Of course me being the pro I am, exhaust two guys for Death of a Dream.

: )

Anyhow, he runs Moloids into Spidey with a Beatdown, then faces me with everyone else, before KOing the singular individual who will not survive past recovery to Richard’s Rival.

On the fifth turn, I flip Omnipotence naming Unthinkable and recruit Lex Luthor. I make some easy attacks and get through.

Turn six, I have Human Torch and torch his board down but am at maybe four life going into turn seven. However, I topdeck Mobilize and get Stark’s Protege and that’s all she wrote.

SRA: 1 Moloids: 0


I got really lucky that I peeled Mobilize to find Protege in the last one, in addition, I think Messiah Complex might be good in here, better then Soul World as it enables curve fixing and a little life gain too.

Mike and I decide to cut Klaw, sorry hoops : O

Game 2

I have evens.

Mike has turn one Moloids to my first turn Aunt May – how lucky.

Second turn, my Night Thtrasher turns a copy of SRA into… another copy of SRA! Sweet!I use Aunt May to ESU and pass.

Mike recruits a Mole Man, swings and I lose Aunt May.

During his build on three, Mike Mobilizes for Doom, Richard’s Rival, then recruits him hunting out Doomed Earth, then exhausts Mole Man to reanimate a Moloids. I flip my top ESU for the Mobi on there, then recruit Doom hunting down have a Blast.

Mike runs his Moloids into Night Thrasher. I evade, then the Moloids go after Doom with a Big Leagues and I get faced for a rather unreasonable amount.

Moloid is eaten to Dr. Doom, Richard’s Rival.

On turn four I have Spidey Man! Mike exhausts Mole Man then plays Fantastic to recoup a Moloid. I attack into a Moloids, he flips Unthinkable, and I have a Blast, and preform some safe attacks.

On the fifth turn, Mike replays another Mr. Fantastic, I answer with Scarecrow – but not before I activate Spider-Man on Richard’s Rival.

Turn six, I play Human Torch and I just start torching him down and I really don’t look back from there.

SRA 2 – Moloids 0

Lessons: Human Torch is really good.

Game 3

I have evens

Mike’s draw is really slow in this one – the logs say he went turn 1 Moloid turn 2 Moloid, whiff on three, and I just push him out, with Black Manta holding the Torch for Spider-Man.

SRA: 3 Moloids: 0

Lessons: I am good when they whiff : )


At this point I had to set down my multi game set with Mike. While I was disappointed, this gave me the chance to review my notes. One thing that should be apparent is Divinity gives you a lot of trouble. The next few games I wanted to play with my opponent’s primary on Divinity.

Unfortunately because I did these in person, I had a little trouble recording everything that went down. I went 2-1 in the final match-ups. Losing one game – albeit with some bad luck on odd initiatives. I’m not sure how much micro level analysis anyone is interested in, but in terms of the big picture, here are the important things I’ve learned in this match-up:

Gift Wrapped: I think it’s very telling that the one match I lost I drew no GIft Wrappeds. Gift Wrapped is so good that Mystical Paralysis should probably be played to shore up the deck’s answers. You can generally keep your three drop going into turn four – or you can just Carrying the Torch your five drop to become Dr. Doom – so playing the card isn’t an issue. In all of my testing games, I was very excited to see Paralysis, and it should probably be maybe a 2-3 of.

With regards to initiative, it seems that odds is better since you don’t want to actually attack with your four drop, and they would much prefer that you swing into their board so they get a ‘free’ attack and initiative steal with Divinity.

Another big thing is Talia, I drew her a few of these games and I had really mixed feelings.

One game she was really awesome – Crime Doctor on your initiative, on my initiative I had: Puppet master, activate, KO to Doom 3, rebuy to Soul World, discard to Black Cat for another activation.

On the other hand, two of the other games I drew her she was just a vanilla five drop. In addition, she takes up a good amount of slots for deckbuilding, and the fact that we have like one and a half search effects makes using her considerably less convenient for use.

One final thing I’d like to add is I hit a Spider-Friends two drop on two every game. I think that’s a statistical anomaly.

I think it’s too early to make modifications but right now:

For Consideration:
Mystical Paralysis – definite gotta add more of these
Messiah Complex – life gain and recursion
Two-Face – would give a permanent answers to Divinity, though Human Torch also handles that role I suppose
Indebted – maybe
Sinister – good answer to divinity

For Cutting
Talia and her entourage – too many slots to unweildy

As you can see there’s an uneven balance in terms of what has to go and what has to stay right now, so it’s definitely up for the next few test sessions to see what’s the right mixture.

Until then,





  1. What’s a bearg?

    Poor Miguel… you are now a competitor.

  2. No need to apologize. Everyone else plays Mole Man over Klaw, as I told you when I sent you my list.

    To my mind, the results in match #1 illustrate why I play Klaw over Mole Man. Most people try really hard to get out multiple copies of Doomed Earth, to the point of sacrificing viable characters to get them. Problem is, if they lose the Doomed Earth, they’ve hosed themselves severely. That’s what happened here.

    I never search for Doomed Earth with Doom. I almost always search for Mobilize or my biggest pump, or Uni-Power if there’s a hidden pest I need to excise. I flip Doomed Earth only when I can sacrifice two characters I was going to lose anyway, or when Mr. Fantastic is coming in to bring them back and there’s no net loss of field advantage. Consequently, I have little to lose if someone Have a Blasts my Doomed Earth. Because I place so little emphasis on Doomed Earth, Mole Man is of limited value to me. I’m much better off with a 5 ATK one drop. A good field for me on turn 5 is Doom and Divinity, followed by a recruit of Mr. Fantastic, recurring 2 Moloids, and a Klaw. Even with no Doomed Earths out, that’s plenty of firepower to finish a game on 5.

    Anyway, if Mike had kept his characters as long as possible and searched for Savage instead of Doomed Earth in match #1, I’m pretty sure he would have won. But he was playing the deck the way someone who runs Mole Man would play it (trying to get as many Doomed Earths and Moloids on the board as possible), so he was right to switch.

    Incidentally, Spidey 4 and Gift Wrapped is this deck’s absolute worst match-up, so it would be surprising if you hadn’t won consistently.

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