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Marquee Mondays: The Crime Lords

Welcome to the first episode of Marquee Mondays. Basically, this is my thought process for playing Marquee… and writing it out helps me see if it actually makes any sense. The general for Marquee mondays is probably going to be:

Week 1: Brainstorm

Week 2: Tune

Week 3-4: Tournament Report

Or something goofy like that!

I’m probably going to play Crime Lords. There are a lot of other decks that I think are really interesting, but I’m definitely really gravitating towards the bad guys since I like a lot of the old Crime Lords cards.

One Drops

Roscoe Sweeny – Fixer is a definite four-of.

I’ve recently warmed up to The Hand – Army * HYDRA after Brian Eugenio used him to excellent effect in the limited portion of Worlds. He is incredible when you have characters slightly larger then normal – so you still retain board parity with the underdrop.

Imagine: Turn five you play Master Man and The Hand with Kingpin – War Profiteer in play. This is a very powerful position to be in, since you still have a four and five in practical terms. Amplify that by many more times if you have Fate Artifacts.

Whether or not he gets the nod is dependent on our curve.

There’s also A.I.M. Agents – Army * A.I.M. , I think Catcher’s Mitt – Construct is probably slightly better since it has slight value beyond being a surprise reinforcement effect. However, we should run one A.I.M. Agents so we have some item of value to search for off Roscoe on the first turn, and so we can Mobilize for a reinforcement in a pinch.

One thing about one drops is that they progressively become more powerful the more you play of them. The reason for this is the more one drops you play the more likely it is you will be able to fill out turn’s worth of resource points with them – say recruiting three one drops on turn three as opposed to just one or two of them.

Two Drops

In my opinion, the sole definite inclusion is Sin – Synthia Schmidt * RAID, by virtue of her synergy with all your mid-game plays, whether it’s triggering Bucky, Baron Strucker, or taking a hit for Kingpin.

Doctor Sun – Creator of Project: Mind has the ideal 3/3 frame and an awesome ability. What worries me is he’s visible. Given that we only have four pt search, I would prefer to have Roscoe Sweeny – Fixer alive as long as possible to fix our curve.

If you play Doctor Sun on two you’re suddenly in a predicament if your opponent stuns both. This is also worse if you have a visible three drop.

In addition, if they have flight he’s kind of lame.

Sniper – Rich van Burian is another very interesting play. Range is a big deal for decks that want to reinforce, since you need to be in the support row to do it. He’s also concealed. Finally, Sniper enables us to play Cover Fire much better – there are a few Crime Lords that don’t have range.

Three Drops

James Barnes ♦ Winter Soldier – Communist Puppet * RAID is good and hidden. He also makes an awesome underdrop.

I am a big fan of the Kingpin – Wilson Fisk as he alleviates two spots on the curve. His ability is also really good when used on other guys.

Four Drops

I have this theory that your four drop is the ‘champion’ or ‘hero’ of your deck. Your choice for four will guide your deck immensely.

For example, say your ideal is to boost Kingpin – Wilson Fisk on four. In this case, Sniper becomes much better as he enables both Cover Fire and natural reinforcement. If your four is Master ManDoctor Sun is less attractive because you want to funnel attacks into the big guy repeatedly.

We have a lot of good four drops. There’s Kingpin – Wilson Fisk and Kingpin – War Profiteer * HYDRA .

Then we have Master Man – Max Lohmer * RAID. As I spoke earlier this guy is also a pretty good ‘five drop’. His substitute is also a big deal: We can use Masked Marauder – Frank Farnum if we have the attack step on four to hold their board, then sub in Master Man on five on their attack.

The more I think of it, the more I like the potential of Master Man. He’s awesome as an underdrop, he can get really large… I think I’m going to build my deck around him for sure.

Then we have The Hood – Prince of Pistols. Where the The Hood – Prince of Pistols really excels is that he’s concealed, which synergizes with Master Man and Head Case who really want to be attacked.

Five Drops

I have a huge love affair for Deathwatch – Unrepentant Killer, who is technically playable in mono Crime Lords off HAIL HYDRA!

You really want your four and five drops to worth together. Say, you’re playing Kingpin – Overboss as your five drop of choice. In this case you’d want a visible four drop to take the hit. However if you have Master Man, you’d probably want a super concealed curve.

This is one of the awkward things about theory curve since the value of each drop is crucially connected with everyone else.

But anyways, Head Case – Sean Madigan * A.I.M. is awesome. Deathwatch is awesome. Kingpin is awesome. Hitman – Burt Kenyon is awesome; you are not by any means lacking in fives.

There are lots of ways you can go with this. I think Head Case and Master Man probably have the best synergy with each other – since they both play well with brickwalling effects.

Keep in mind, if you’re playing a more Master Man oriented build, a turn five of say… Bucky, and the Hand or Sin is not unreasonable at all.

Six Drops

Lots of toolbox guys, and I think that might be the best route to go here: Kirigi – Master Assassin against concealed decks, Typhoid Mary – Mary Walker against control, and Baron Strucker – Baron Wolfgang von Strucker * HYDRA against rush.

The six drops all seem to me as rather mediocre. But it’s to be expect I suppose. There are very few six drops that piss excellence.

Seven Drops

Hulk – Joe Fixit is the big one. My dream here is to play Hulk, reinforce of Geraci to shoot someone, then Fate Has Spoken and Sin mid combat to snipe another guy.

There’s also Red Skull – Master of Creation who has a potential to take 15 END in one hit. Good synergy with The Hand too.

Man The Hand is starting to seem really integral…

Eight Drops

There’s the The Sleeper – Doomsday Device * RAID who is clearly awesome. If we go the Deathwatch route though we have access to the unaffiliated. The best of these seem to be Thanos – Alpha and Omega – solely because of his size – and perhaps Apocalypse – En Sabah Nur?

I guess Etrigan could be a good call, but he seems like he might be too situational sometimes.

Plot Twists

4x Mobilize is the big one, but I don’t know about
4x Call in a Favor Technically, I would say every deck probably wants
4x Call in a Favor … not sure if every deck needs them or can get ahold of them.

Anyhow, the big one is Cover Fire , since most of the Crime Lords have range. The rest of your twists don’t seem too particularly exciting beyond Face the Master .

Geraci Family Estate is insane. It’s essentially a re-usable Poker Night – replace and draw a card are often comparable in my book for the most part – that doesn’t require you to exhaust. Geraci and Underground Laboratory are very synergistic with one another too.

I think since Geraci’s probably a four-of, Stryker’s Island is probably a supremely reasonable inclusion – one costs are somewhat hard to find.


The Fate Artifacts are definite worth inclusion in most decks. There are other equipments that are also very interesting. Beyond Death Warrant – which I have heard is much worse then you would think – the generics are also interesting. Master Man with a Catcher’s Mitt – Construct on him seems pretty sick. Discarding Catcher’s Mitt – Construct just to reinforce in general seems quite saucy.

I was pretty excited about Force Field Belt with mono Master Man, but it takes two turns for you to catch up to the Fate Artifacts, and that’s assuming you can make the payment so… no dice.

Now given all this there’s a couple different ways we could take our build. After I’ve read this build a lit, I think I’m probably going to a version mostly centered on Master Man since I really like solo strategies.

So let’s do some postulatin’

Characters: 32
9x The Hand – Army * HYDRA
4x Roscoe Sweeny – Fixer
1x A.I.M. Agents – Army * A.I.M.
4x Sin – Synthia Schmidt * RAID
4x James Barnes ♦ Winter Soldier – Communist Puppet * RAID
4x Master Man – Max Lohmer * RAID
2x Masked Marauder – Frank Farnum
1x The Gorgon – Tomi Shishido * HYDRA
1x M.O.D.O.K. – Mobile Organism Designed Only for Killing * A.I.M.
1x Kingpin – The Kingpin of Crime
1x The Sleeper – Doomsday Device * RAID
Plot Twists: 12
4x Total Anarchy
4x Cover Fire
4x Mobilize
Locations: 8
4x Geraci Family Estate
2x Dr Fate’s Tower
2x Damocles Base
Equipment: 7
3x Helm of Nabu – Fate Artifact
2x Amulet of Nabu – Fate Artifact
2x Cloak of Nabu – Fate Artifact

Something like this, lately I’ve been feeling a bit awkward about decks that like to cheat Fate Artifacts with the 2-1-1 configuration, as quite often you’d rather naturally draw them as opposed to actually work for them or risk missing them.

One thing I’d worry about this deck is it’s potential to lock itself out of the draw step… not sure how big it is or how you would mitigate it. I would think that once you have Master Man out there you’re fine missing your draw step since he can grow extremely quickly.

Anyways, this reason this curve is as thin as Nicole Richie is because some combination of Bucky along with the Hand always makes for a reasonable underdrop.

Then you have a more conventional version, maybe:

Characters: 33
3x Jaime Reyes ♦ Blue Beetle – High-Tech Hero
4x Roscoe Sweeny – Fixer
1x A.I.M. Agents – Army * A.I.M.
4x Sin – Synthia Schmidt * RAID
4x Doctor Sun – Creator of Project: Mind
2x Sniper – Rich van Burian
4x James Barnes ♦ Winter Soldier – Communist Puppet * RAID
4x Master Man – Max Lohmer * RAID
1x Masked Marauder – Frank Farnum
2x Head Case
1x Typhoid Mary – Mary Walker
1x Baron Strucker – Baron Wolfgang von Strucker * HYDRA
1x Hulk – Joe Fixit
1x The Sleeper – Doomsday Device * RAID

Plot Twists: 18
4x Call in a Favor – Yeah, not sure about this one
4x Cover Fire
4x Mobilize
3x Revitalize
3x Reset

Locations: 4
2x Geraci Family Estate
2x Dr Fate’s Tower

Equipment: 5
1x Helm of Nabu – Fate Artifact
1x Amulet of Nabu – Fate Artifact
1x Cloak of Nabu – Fate Artifact
1x Satan Claw
1x , I think Catcher’s Mitt – Construct

The big thing I want is make sure I can beat TNB. Is Flame Trap a necessity? How many? How good is Total Anarchy? Perhaps System Failure is needed? Things like these will be discovered in due time.

But until then-




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